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In Memoriam: Peter Schutz

As many of you already know, Peter Schutz, who led Porsche from 1981 through 1987, passed away on Sunday, October 29 at age 87. Mr Schutz is credited with saving the 911, which was scheduled for elimination at the time he took over, as well as making other decisions that made for the vibrant company we know today. Mr. Schutz’s daughter, Lori, was formerly a member of WMR, and we still see her periodically at events. We extend our sympathy to Lori and her family on their loss. For more information on Mr. Schutz’s leadership of Porsche, you can find articles here, here, and here. The press release from Porsche is here.

Teen Street Survival

WMR held its third Teen Street Survival driver training program on Sunday, October 8. Attendance is continuing to grow, and everyone involved has a great time. It is truly rewarding working with young drivers and helping them understand situations that are not covered in traditional drivers education classes. Local media came out late in the day – a bit too late, as we had already wrapped up. That didn’t stop one intrepid reporter, however, from interviewing our own Terry Schieble along with two students. Member Michael Murphy generously donated his car for Terry’s part of the process, and took this picture as well. Thanks to all our members who took part!


December Appetizer Party

The WMR Appetizer Party returns to the Lake Michigan shoreline at Mike and Barb’s home. As is tradition, bring an appetizer to share and your favorite beverage. Mike has several bottles of champagne that “need” testing and there will be another raffle for a gigantic (5 lb) chocolate Santa Claus to raise funds for our charity. Their bright red house (no, not Guards Red, unfortunately) is straight ahead at the southeast corner or Sheldon Dunes and Whispering Sands Drive. The driveway continues straight off of Sheldon Dunes Drive, and there are two additional spaces in the base of the old driveway around the corner. The fun begins Saturday, December 2 at 4 pm. No RSVP is necessary. Further information is available in the November Uber Alles.