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Kurt Wirth – 1930 – 2018

A long-time member of Western Michigan Region left us Thursday, November 29. Kurt was born and raised in Germany and had some interesting tales of life there. Eventually he migrated to the U.S. and became a citizen. He was employed much of his life by S. C. Johnson, working for the company both in Europe and here. He acquired his beloved 1965 356 SC in Europe and brought it with him to America. In 1979, Kurt joined Porsche Club and WMR. During his time with the club he served in a variety of posts, including President, the Grattan driving event chair, and most recently historian and insurance coordinator. Kurt is survived by his wife Shirley, a sister (Monica Kreitz, who lives in Germany), two adopted sons (Geoffrey Towner Wirth and Alexander Reed Wirth-Cauchon) and his daughter Stephanie Alexandra Wirth along with their family members. Kurt had four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was a regular at a variety of events, and always brought with him a touch of European flair. You can find his complete obituary here. Rob Clark has penned a tribute, which you can read here. And finally, here is a picture gallery. Please send any pictures to add or stories about him to the webmeister. Kurt Wirth will be sorely missed. Farewell, good friend and may you rest in peace.

2019 Calendar

Our 2019 event calendar is now available. Take a look when you get a chance so you can start to reserve days in your busy schedules over the next year. And please don’t forget to check back in from time to time so you can make sure you stay current as we add an event, provide more details, or even (but not often!) have to re-schedule. You can find the calendar on the navigation bar at the top of each page, or you can click here to get there RIGHT NOW!

January Dinner Event

We all look forward to the first WMR social gathering of the new year. Host Rick Riley has set the location at a familiar venue – Charley’s Crab in downtown Grand Rapids. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 16 beginning at 6:00. More details regarding details will be available soon.