It's not just the cars - it's the people!


Monthly Meetings are at 7:00 p.m. at Porsche Grand Rapids (formerly Delta Porsche) in Grand Rapids unless otherwise stated.  Attendees often meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner following the meeting.  Come out and join us in the behind-the-scenes part of what makes our great Club work!

Meeting minute archives – sixteen complete years – are available here.

March 6, 2017 – Delta Porsche, Grand Rapids. Meeting was called to order by Mike Karluk at 7:03pm.  Members present were: Mike Karluk, Amber Door, Brenda Hildon-Kaempf, Marshall Walters, Craig Paull, Joyce Lo, Ted and Gabi Blacklidge, Tyan Roelands, Jim and Kim Chiavaras.

Treasurer’s Report:  Approved. We received the 4th quarter membership rebate.

Membership Report: Approved. We are 524 in total. New Members – 5; Transfers In – 0; Transfers Out – 0; Non-renewals – 1; Renewals – 18.

 Minutes:  Minutes were approved.

Über Alles Editor’s Report: Would like to get the Uber to the printer by Thursday.  Advertising billing reminders have gone out.

Webmaster’s Report:  New website is near completion. Craig is working with National regarding the transition. Will look for feedback/content changes once up and running.  Will perhaps look to Kurt for historical data.  Will have Amber send out blast once the site is up.

Insurance Report: Nothing needed at this time.

Social Media Report: 4 new likes – we are at 344.  Had an inquiry to post information about a shelter pet fundraiser. We’ve not adopted social media guidelines yet, so we’ll decline promoting charitable events outside of the club for now.

Social Chair Report:  No report

Charity Report:  WinterFest raised $2,564 for Feeding America W. Michigan Food Bank.

Old Business:

  • 2/15/2017- Grattan Irish Pub. Hosted by Kurt Wirth. About 20 attendees and a great time had by all.
  • 2/18/17 – WinterFest – Cascade Country Club. There were 55 attendees. Wonderful venue, food and camaraderie.
  • 2/19/17 – Morning After Brunch, J.W. Marriott. Hosted by Amber Door & Jerry Arens. 20 attendees enjoyed a very nice brunch.

New Business:

  • 3/12/17 – Brunch, Cygnus 28. Hosted by Wolfgang and Miluzka Bubeck. Blast sent out.
  • 4/23/17 – Stroganoff Cook-off. Hosted by Ted and Gabi Blacklidge. Ladles are engraved for the winners.
  • TBD – New member event
  • Stickmann Baeckerei – Herb Welz would like to do a July event. They may have a liquor license by then. More to follow.

Meeting was adjourned 7:54 pm

Respectfully submitted by Brenda Hildon-Kaempf