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Grattan Registration is Open!

We will be holding the annual Lloyd LaHuis Memorial Grattan Grand Prix event on September 12 and 13. Registration is now open – head on over to the clubregistration website. You can find more information about the event at this link. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will be somewhat different than in the past. There will be no in-car instruction, and no passengers except during the noon charity laps. The Sunday track walk is off the schedule, and there will be no food service at the track. You can click here for the event schedule. Be advised there may be changes to the schedule.

October Dinner Drive – #1

Join Lin and Randy Portoluri and other WMR members for a dinner drive. Yes – it’s true! The Portoluri’s have figured out how we can be at the same eatery at the same time and still be compliant with the Governor’s Executive Orders. Meet at 3:00pm at the Russ’ parking lot just off N. US 31 at the M 120 Holton Rd exit. We will go from there on a scenic drive to the Dog & Suds off White Lake in Montague. There is service right to the car (remember American Graffiti?) with an option to eat at outdoor picnic tables. Please let Lin and Randy know you’re going to attend so they can alert the restaurant ahead of time.

WHEN: Saturday, October 3; gathering at 3:00 PM; arrive at Dog & Suds around 5:00 pm
WHERE: See instructions above
RSVP: Randy or Lin Portoluri – 616 842-9266 or

October Dinner Drive – #2

A week later join hosts Paul and Renee Krapp for another WMR outing. The drive will begin at AJ’s Family Fun Center, next to 5/3rd Ball park. Meet at 3:00 pm for the sign-up and drivers’ meeting. If you want to enjoy yourself in advance of the drive, AJ’s owner is offering special discounts to club members arriving early. Any activities at AJ’s are NOT part of the event. Once we set off, there will be a drive to our destination, Cedar Springs Brewing Center. The planned arrival is around 5:00 pm. You can find all the details by clicking here.

WHEN: Saturday, October 10; gathering at 3:00 PM; arrive at Cedar Springs Brewing Company around 5:00 PM
WHERE: AJ’s Family Fun Center – 4400 Ball Park Dr. NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321; Cedar Springs Brewing Company – 95 N Main Street NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319
RSVP: Paul Krapp – 231 245-3756 or by October 9.