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West Michigan Region History – A Short Course

The Western Michigan Region of PCA began at an organizing meeting, held October 22, 1960, at Greenridge Country Club in Grand Rapids. Attendees numbered 31, and all voted to form the club known as PCA Western Michigan. The first club meeting was held December 3, 1960, and met every other month. Our formal petition for charter was presented to a National PCA meeting held in Pittsburgh. Part of the petition read: “Activities favored for events were ice runs, rallies, gymkhanas, and hill climbs with technical speakers and films as features at regular meetings.”

The first publication from PCA Western Michigan was Porsche Faces Life, with Vol. 1 No. 1 dated November 15, 1960.

Since 1995, WMR has held fund-raising functions and donated profits from events and sales of items to local non-profit institutions such as Building Blocks, the Make A Wish Foundation, and Kids Food Basket.

Much has happened since then. We have over 500 members – all great people who share their passion for all things Porsche. We enjoy competitive driving events, social events, and fun-raising (that’s NOT a typo). If you’re not in the club, you’re not one of us. But you can – and should be – a member. Click here to learn more about membership or here to join (you will be directed to the PCA national website)!

Porsche Club nationally is organized into zones. Western Michigan Region is part of Zone 4.


In 2010 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. It was a spectacular weekend, and we received special recognition from Porsche and PCA for this important milestone. In fact, we received recognition for our 25th and 35th anniversaries as well. Check out the special documents below honoring our region:

25th Anniversary

35th Anniversary

50th Anniversary