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WMR Participation

Enthusiast of the Year

The Enthusiast of the Year trophy is awarded each year at our annual Winterfest banquet. In 2015, which was a great year, 196 of our members attended at least one event! Not only does the Enthusiast of the Year get to hold on to an awesome-looking trophy for the next 12 months, but they are also awarded two free tickets to the next year’s Winterfest. This could be the year that your participation wins!

The Point System:

Attending a WMR Event: (excludes monthly Board meetings)
Parties / Dinners: 10
Autocross / Driver Education / Club Race: 10
Driving your own Porsche to an event: 5
50 or more miles one way: 10

For participation in a WMR event: (includes volunteering)
Chairing an event: 20
Autocross / Driver Education: 15
Members who bring a new member to an event: 10

For Contributions to  Über Alles: (excludes President’s Letter and Editor comments)
Pictures / Post-Event Write-up / Other Article: 10

Everyone in the club is eligible to win, regardless of whether you are an officer or chairperson. The one exception is a previous winner, who is excluded from eligibility for the next two years.

Question? Please contact our Enthusiast chair, Glenn Eisenbrandt.