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Über Aces

WMR uses an email list made available by PCA National that we call Über Aces. All members are automatically enrolled in the service when they join the club. If you wish to opt out, please go to the membership section of and log in.

The purpose of Über Aces is to keep as many members as possible updated on activities, events, or related stories. It also serves as a reminder for those too busy to check the calendar of events on the website or via the Google Calendar app.

There are several features to this service:

  • First, you won’t get all the email addresses of recipients listed on the email.
  • Second, your email address is secure in the program. It is not included on the email; thus, nobody will know to whom the Über Aces is being sent (particularly some unscrupulous email hacker).
  • Third, you may unsubscribe to the service any time at
  • Finally, there is no advertising!

If you wish to send a message to the Über Aces membership, please send it to Amber Door and she will post it, generally within 24 hours. Please limit your message to WMR or PCA-related items.