It's not just the cars - it's the people!

Grattan End of Summer Fun Run

2024 Dates – September 7 – 8

The mission and purpose of this High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) event is to provide a structured and controlled teaching and learning environment. The HPDE is designed so that participants can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety.

Even if you are not driving at this exceptional event, it’s a great chance to see Porsches driven as intended. Come see your friends and joins us for the trackside dinner on Saturday night.


This adventure can become extremely addictive. We will teach you to drive your Porsche the way the factory designed and built it to be driven. The track – nearly two miles in length – provides a perfect opportunity to learn what you and your car can safely do!

If you are new to road courses, you will experience first hand how to manage your high performance automobile in a controlled, closed environment and you will acquire skills that will enhance safer vehicle operation in everyday driving situations.  Each novice will be assigned to an instructor and will be a DRIVER’S SCHOOL PARTICIPANT.

Grattan is one of the finest road courses in America.  It is located only 20 minutes northeast of Grand Rapids.  The two-mile course is winding, hilly, and acomplex assortment of almost every conceivable corner imaginable.  The 10 turns include both uphill ascending and descending radius turns, a flat out dog leg off the 160 degree hair pin turn, a hidden apex, a Monza bowl, “S” turns, and even a downhill reverse camber turn.  It has been said that if you can master Grattan, you can drive anywhere.  It allows spectators great viewing with 90% of the race track visible from one place.

The format is as follows:

Saturday & Sunday will be Drivers Education with full instruction and professional corner worker support.  Novices will begin the day on Saturday with DRIVER’S SCHOOL before starting the track activity with their assigned instructor.

On Sunday, we will drive all day.

During lunch time on both days, we will have low speed touring around the track.  Cost will be a $20 donation which will go 100% to our WMR charity.  Lunch will be available at the track on both days.

The WESTERN MICHIGAN REGION has been conducting driver education events for well over 30 years  Our motto was, is, and will be to have fun, but SAFETY FIRST!!

You can view and download a copy of the tech inspection sheet here. The first page must be filled out by a mechanic in advance of the event. Helmets are mandatory. Current (2023) requirement is a Snell SA 2015 or newer. Registration for the event is through the website. The tech inspection form is available there as are other related documents. Costs are also posted there; you have a variety of options. Search for Western Michigan Region as the event sponsor.

Track insurance is optional, and can be obtained through, or