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April 2017 Stroganoff Cookoff

Hosts: Craig and Chris Ackerman, Ted and Gabi Blacklidge

LADLEING! You may think it’s a typo and should read yodeling … this is a German car club after all … but no, we mean ladle-ing. The tradition of the Prized Ladles carries on! The April Cook Off has often been the start of the driving season and this year was no exception. A tad bit cool, but sunny and dry and a welcome change from the cold, wet weather we have had this spring. Crock Pots in hand, thirty-two Stroganoff taste testers toodled (not yodeled) to Rockford. Over the years, the cooks in the club have found the assortment of specialties to be an interesting challenge, much to the delight of attending gourmands.

The three judges were Ty Roelands, Kirk Briggs and Ted Vogt. They awarded the Judge’s Choice Ladle to Lin Portoluri. The People’s Choice Ladle was presented to Mike Karluk. This year, there was even a Consolation Prize of kitchen washcloths and scrubby, handmade by Chris, and given to Frank and Raeni Conner.

The food category for 2018 has not been selected, so use your noodles (still not yodels) and send your suggestions to Social Chair Lynne Olenyk at We are also open to host locations. All you may need are a couple extra electrical outlet strips to plug in the slow cookers. Oh, and to order the coveted engraved ladles!

Gabi Blacklidge

Photos courtesy of Amber Door

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